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Coaching Policy and Structure

Traralgon Harriers Coaching Structure

Approved 8 April 2013


The Traralgon Harriers Athletic Club aims to develop a team of coaches to cater for the needs of members and the local running community and cater for athletes of all abilities.   A team of quality coaches is essential to the development of the club and will be attractive to new and existing members alike.

A dynamic coaching team is essential for the club to provide a supportive environment that fosters the development of individuals of all ages and enables them to set and achieve their running goals and most of all enjoy their sport.  Quality coaching support will enable athletes to reach their goals, learn how to train effectively and manage their bodies, to reduce the likelihood of and avoid injuries.

The Traralgon Harriers Athletic Club is fortunate to have a team of excellent coaches registered with the Athletics Australia.  Over time we hope to expand the coaching team because the more coaches we have the more programs and choices we can provide for our members. 

Club Coaching Structure:

The club requires a structure where everyone knows what is provided and expected of the club, the coaches and the athletes. 

For this three party relationship to be successful for all, and especially for the athletes it is important that all parties understand their rights and responsibilities.  It is important to note that the Coaching Staff are volunteers and are required to be members of the club.

This document seeks to clarify the key roles, relationships, and responsibilities and was developed in consultation with members who were interested in coaching and members of the Traralgon Harriers Committee of Management.  Consideration was given to how other clubs structure their coaching program, and Athletcis Victoria was also consulted in regard to this important development.

Coaching Coordinator:

Like many other clubs it was agreed Traralgon Harriers should appoint a Coaching Coordinator.  This role is a contact and coordinator position, someone who is on the committee of management which will ensure that coaching has a high prominence in club decision making.  The role will be the key contact person for the coaches and the members in regard to coaching. 

The coaching coordinator will assist athletes to determine who may be a suitable coach for them and assist coaches to address any identified issues which are the responsibility of the club. 

The coaching coordinator will be responsible for organising regular coaching team meetings, approximately four per year, and ensuring there is an agenda and minutes of the meetings.  This role will also liaise with Athletics Victoria and Athletics Australia regarding coaching development and coaching matters to ensure the club is kept up to date in regard to coaching trends or changes.

Coaching Accreditation & Requirements:

All coaches must have or agree to undertake at the earliest opportunity formal coaching accreditation with Athletics Australia.  It will be the responsibility of Coaches to ensure their membership is always financial and that they maintain the educational or developmental requirements of such membership.

It is in the athletes and club’s best interests to have coaches who are qualified at level two or above, therefore it is required that all coaches hold a minimum of level two coaching accreditation, however some may wish to hold a level one which is equivalent to an assistant coach.   Given this position the club will reimburse 50% of enrolment expenses for, club coaches, who successfully complete accreditation courses of level two and above.  This provides an incentive for coaches to achieve the highest level of accreditation that they possibly can.

The coaches will be required to develop and submit to the coaching coordinator a coaching plan two months before the start of each season to ensure that other committees can provide appropriate publicity and support the coaching program.  The plan will include their individual coaching program and any joint events or activities they will provide.  The coaching team should consult with the race committee, race directors and other relevant parties during the development of such plans.  The coaching coordinator will present the seasonal coaching plan to the Committee of Management.

The club will provide the following to all level two and above accredited coaches:

  • The club is still considering the most appropriate way to provide any additional resources to the coaches (apart from what is already documented here) in a manner which is fitting and sustainable for the club and the coaches.
  • Two Traralgon Harriers polo shirts and a tracksuit top with appropriate signage to identify them as club coaches.

Coaching Fees:

The club will set a standard fee for group coaching sessions following consultation with the club coaches and this fee will be reviewed annually.  In setting the fee the club will consider a number of principles and issues including the general value of the coaching program and the attractiveness to members and the local community.  

Some other important elements of the running program are:

  • The coach will be responsible for collecting the sessions fees
  • The standard group coaching session fee is $10.00 per session
  • The fees are to off-set coaching expenses, and will provide some recognition for the time and important contribution coaches make to the club and the local running community.   Coaching fees will not be included in club revenue.
  • Club members will receive a 50% discount for group coaching sessions
  • The sessions will be open to non-members at the coaches discretion
  • Members are covered by Athletics Australia’s National Insurance Scheme
  • Coaches are covered by Athletics Australia National Insurance Scheme as part of their coaching membership
  • Non-members are covered by public liability, and coaches insurance.
  • The coaching team will from time to time organise various coaching events targeting new and/or existing members and the coaching team will set fees for each event according to the costs incurred and in consultation with the coaching coordinator
  • These sessions will include education on running technique, strength & conditioning, nutrition and injury prevention, etc
  • Sessions will be organised in preparation for Athletics Victoria events, eg, grading and training sessions
  • The clubs media and promotions committee will assist the coaches to publicise the coaching program and any coaching events
  • Fees for individual coaching sessions will be entirely at the discretion of the coach
  • Coaches, athletes and parents should formalise expectations and fees prior to commencing coaching.

Process of Appointing Coaches

All coaches will be assessed against the key selection criteria in the Coaching Job Description and appointments will be made provided all KSC and requirements have been adequately met.


Traralgon Harriers Athletics Club Inc

Coaching Position Description

 Date Approved 8 April 2013

 The Mission of the Traralgon Harriers Athletic Club is to provide a family friendly club for athletes of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential and to promote and develop wellbeing and fitness within the community.

To achieve our mission the Traralgon Harriers Athletics Club requires a dynamic and quality coaching team to provide a supportive environment that fosters the development of individuals of all ages and enables them to set and achieve their running goals and most of all enjoy the sport.  Quality coaching support will enable athletes to reach their goals, learn how to train effectively, manage their bodies, reduce the likelihood of and avoid injuries.

Over time we hope to expand the coaching team because the more coaches we have the more programs and choices we can provide for our members, which will mean we can cater for a wide range of requirements.

The Coaching Role

 Key Responsibilities

 Coaches are responsible for:

  •  Conducting individual and group training sessions and providing training programs which support Traralgon Harriers members’ athletic development.

  •  Assisting in the planning and delivery of appropriate Traralgon Harriers events which provide opportunities for athlete development, club promotion, recruitment and competition, as well as members’ health and well-being.

  • Ensure the coaches profile and information about training sessions, coaching plans, etc are  up-to-date and provided at least two months prior to the start of the season to enable promotion on the website, facebook or newsletter, etc.

  • Supporting and fostering the development of current and future Traralgon Harriers coaches in order to establish a strong and committed Team of Coaches.

  • All coaches are required to have an Athletics Australia coaching accreditation at Level Two or higher, be willing to continue professional development and strive to achieve the highest level possible.

  • All coaches are required to hold current Athletics Australia coaching registration and insurance.

Works With

  •  Race Committee, Race Directors and the Coaching Coordinator – in planning and development of the club’s annual running and event calendar.

  • The media committee in regard to publicising the running program and special events

Selection Criteria:


  • All coaches are required to have and fully maintain a minimum of level two coaching accreditation with Athletics Australia
  • Experience at a high level of competition as a coach, assistant coach or athlete is an advantage

 Other Qualities

  • All coaches must have a passion for running, fitness and assisting others with their physical, personal and sporting development
  • Coaches need to be able to make a regular commitment to implementing the coaching program on a weekly or regular basis and to attend all appropriate or necessary events to support the athletes
  • Coaches need to be well organised and recognise the importance of keeping to time schedules
  • Coaches need to be able to communicate effectively to a wide range of people and personalities
  • Commitment to working closely with other coaches in a coordinated and team oriented manner and willing to attend regular planning meetings (approximately 4 per year)

 Terms and Conditions

  • A satisfactory Criminal History Records Check and a Working With Children Check must be provided prior to commencement of coaching
  • Agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in the Traralgon Harriers Coaching Structure and related policy documents
  • All coaching applicants will provide at least two recent and relevant referees for reference checks