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Round 1 Jell’s Park – Saturday May 3rd 2014

My first A.V. running experience

I have decided to have a crack at some AV events this season. Why? Because I can. I am not fast and I am not young, actually I think I’m young but the calendar is telling me otherwise.
Entry was easy I just had to ring Nicole, wasn’t really sure who I was ringing but when I did meet her I found that we had met on a Thursday run.
I was linked in to a face book blog and managed to join a car pool with Molly, Jenny and Nicole. Excellent start which meant that I didn’t have to find my way there alone.
Arrived at Jells Park in plenty of time to have a coffee and meet up with fellow Harriers. I knew some and soon knew a few more. Everyone was very welcoming and in true Harriers form very encouraging. We fielded two women’s relays and two men’s. I was in the Women’s Division 5 with Jen and Allison.
I set off as the first runner in our team, two laps of a 3km course and as you would expect it started with an uphill. It was great to have fellow Harriers around the course to encourage me. In my head I thought that if I ran between 36 and 40 minutes I would be happy. I did 34.17, yep pretty pleased with myself. The training with Crossy, Liz and crew at Wirilda must be doing some good. Jen and Allison also ran well, they both made me very welcome for my first relay event.
Did I mention that it was wet and cold? It was, but in the excitement of the event I hardly noticed until I was frozen to the bone. Small detail really I soon was thawed and dry.
Thanks to everyone who attended Jells Park. You all made me very welcome. A special thanks to Molly for getting me there and back with her little “L” plates proudly displayed.

Helen Whitby

Results 6km Cross-Country Jell’s Park
Name Time Team
Des Paynter 22:01 TRH Men’s Div 3
Darrel Cross 22:22 TRH Men’s Div 5
Greg Semmler 23:42 TRH Men’s Div 3
Flynn Boyle 24:24 TRH Men’s Div 3
Ian Twite 25:46 TRH Men’s Div 3
Travis White 25:47 TRH Men’s Div 3
Molly Irvine 26:36 TRH Women’s Div 2
Nicole Hauxwell 28:34 TRH Women’s Div 2
Todd Houghton 29:43 TRH Men’s Div 5
Travis McInnes 30:00 TRH Men’s Div 5
Michelle Sawyer 30:26 TRH Women’s Div 2
Anna Orr 30:54 TRH Women’s Div 2
Bob Bickett 32:50 TRH Men’s Div 5
Helen Whitby 34:19 TRH Women’s Div 5
Jen Houghton 36:13 TRH Women’s Div 5
Alley Whiter 36:50 TRH Women’s Div 5

Other Times
Craig Mottram 18:00:00 Fastest Male
Sam Quirk 20:13:00
Paul Wilson 20:42:00
Steve Quirk 21:38:00
Melissa Duncan 20:10:00 Fastest Female
Sarah Lewis 25:20:00
Lavinnia Petrie 29:10:00