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XCR13 Rd 4 – 8/6/2013 Victorian Cross-Country Championships Brimbank

A big day of cross-country awaits those runners who venture to the home of cross-country racing at Brimbank Park this weekend. While the women run 6km the men are faced with 16km which incorporates the Men’s Victorian 10 mile (16km) Cross Country Championship, run continuously since the 1890’s. Participants are encouraged to run in their old heritage uniforms.

I am pretty excited about being able to run in this race and it will end an 8 week streak where I have raced 7 weekends out of 8 weekends. Although the 5 weeks after 6 foot track are weeks I will like to forget in a hurry they did set me up for some valuable lessons. In fact all it did was reinforce my beliefs as I hit rock bottom as far as fitness, technique and confidence in running could go before I started racing again. This is what the last 8 weeks have taught me.

“There is no training run more important than a race”

During that period when I was just training I found at times it was making my ankle and ITB band worse. There are many reasons’ for this and I won’t go into them now but most injuries occur while just training.

“Even racing slow is far better than not racing at all”

Slow I was in that first race at Springwood but it took me to a level I would never have reached in training. Also because it was a cross-country it forced me to try and run with a better technique. It has been a great experience feeling myself get stronger and slowly faster over the last 7 weeks as I front up to each race. It also reinforces my observation of runners over the last 20 years that the following to me is true and one I will follow so I can still be racing when I am 70.

“Longevity and Good Form belong to runners who race hard often and train smart in between”

 See you all at Brimbank