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Boolarra Results

Martin Thompson 10km  and 25km Championship Results 2016

Traralgon Harriers Athletics Club is again most appreciative of the work by Margaret and Bruce Salisbury and their team of helpers who have organised an excellent event which was help at Boolarra.  Margaret and Bruce a life members and do a brilliant job but were also ably assisted by Belinda Heafield, Shannon Bailey, Rick Mann and the website crew who promoted the event.

It was a lovely day with many participants of the WIN Network Traralgon Marathon and Running Festival having their final tune up before the big event on 5 June.  The presentations of this event will be held at the clubs next presentation night in August.

Congratulations to all the participants and special mentions to Ryan Wissmer, who has now won 4 in a row and Alexandra Bull for winning her first 25km Championship.  Also great to See Kim Harold take out the 10km at his first attempt and to Karen Graham unsure if she has won it before.  Click here for the 10 and 25km results Martin Thompson 25km Championship Results 2016

25km Championships 24/05/2015

Ryan Wissmer took his running to a whole new level when he smashed his own 25km record by 2 minutes. Such a performance highlights the talents of this runner and the fact his full potential is yet to be reached. The female 25km championship was won by the consistent Karen Graham.
Results 25km: 1/Ryan Wissmer 1.27.04. 1om: 2/Peter Cutler 1.35.42. 2om: 3/Joel Claxton 1.39.20. 3om: 4/Ian Cornthwaite 1.44.53. 1vm: 5/Matt Alison 1.48.00. 4om: 6/Glenn Crawford 1.49.38. 2vm: 7/Karen Graham 1.50.26. 1vf: 8/Bryan Cake 1.50.55. 5om: 9/Glenn Graham 1.52.07. 3vm: 10/Stephen McLeod 1.52.54. 4vm: 11/Guy Dawson 1.59.13. 6om: 12/Chris Lenher 1.59.13. 7om: 13/Kathryn Preston 2.01.53. 1of: 14/Mark DeBono 2.02.27. 5vm: 15/Brad Harkin 2.03.42. 8om: 16/Michael Walker 2.04.07. 6vm: 17/Liz Kenney 2.04.15. 2vf: 18/Kris Harris 2.04.34. 7vm: 19/Dave Anderson 2.09.24. 9om: 20/Rob Embleton 2.09.24. 8vm: 21/Gary Fox 2.10.17. 9vm: 22/Sandra Timmer-Arends 2.12.56. 3vf: 23/Todd Houghton

10km Championships 24/05/2015

In the 10km evergreen Steve Quirk took out the 10km Championship for the men. Despite now being in the 55-59 age group he has lost very little leg speed and set a new Course Record in winning the event. Up and coming Junior Molly Irvine won the females in also in a new Course Record.
Results 10km: 1/Steve Quirk 38.01. 1vm: 2/Greg Semmler 39.04. 1om: 3/ Richard Clavarino 39.19. 2om: 4/ Ben Bailey 40.00. 3om: 5/Des Paynter 40.01. 4om: 6/Charlie Twomey 42.05. 2vm: 7/Mark Rossiter 42.14. 5om: 8/Molly Irvine 42.22. 1of: 9/Allan Timmer-Arends 44.42. 3vm: 10/Jason Collins 49.06. 6om: 11/Phill Mayer 51.36. 4vm: 12/Jason Irvine 53.06. 5vm: 13/Marnie Flowers 54.37. 2of: 14/Shane Flowers 54.37. 6vm: 15/Paul Rollandin 55.24. 7om: 16/Becky Nowak 55.34. 3of: 17/Helen Whitby 57.20. 1vf: 18/Bob Duljas 57.21. 7vm: 19/Mareka Reilly 1.00.19. 4of: 20/Sharon Dortmans 1.00.19. 5of: 21/Barry Higgins 1.00.19. 8vm: 22/Peter Grixti 1.07.53. 9vm: 23/Helen Reeves 1.08.46. 2vf: 24/Neil Firmin 1.10.11. 10vm:

25km Championships 25/05/2014

Pl Name Time Category
1 Ryan Wissmer 1:29:27 1st Open Male
2 Pete Cutler 1:37:06 2nd Open Male
3 Darrel Cross 1:40:47 1st Vet Male
4 Darren Fletcher 1:42:08 2nd Vet Male
5 Sean McGrath 1:47:31 3rd Open Male
6 Mark Rossiter 1:49:35 4th Open Male
7 Michelle Harris 1:50:14 1st Open Female
8 Simon Forbes 1:51:34 3rd Vet Male
9 Charlie Twomey 1:52:22 4th Vet Male
10 Karen Graham 1:52:31 1st Vet Female
11 Biasi Silvestro 1:58:11 5th Vet Male
12 Jenny Northe 1:58:34 2nd Vet Female
13 Rob Semmler 2:01:11 5th Open Male
14 John Crosby 2:03:19 6th Vet Male
15 Gary Fox 2:05:52 7th Vet Male
16 Josh Hellings 2:07:54 6th Open Male
17 Rob Embelton 2:09:55 8th Vet Male
18 Michael Walker 2:10:39 9th Vet Male
19 Paul Bormanis 2:34:05 7th Open Male
20 Zoe Bormanis 2:34:05 2nd Open Female
21 Helen Whitby 2:47:54 3rd Vet Female
22 Barry Higgins 2:55:30 10th Vet Male
23 John Jervis 3:13:00 11th Vet Male

10km Championships 25/05/2014

Pl Name Time Category
1 Ian Cornthwaite 38:40:20 1st Vet Male
2 Mark Bormanis 39:27:66 1st Open Male
3 Tom Crosby 40:04:11 2nd Open Male
4 Ben Bailey 41:24:99 3rd Open Male
5 Flynn Boyle 42:51:70 4th Open Male
6 Molly Irvine 45:15:26 1st U/18 Female
7 Glenn Crawford 45:59:19 5th Open Male
8 Neil Firmin 46:55:14 2nd Vet Male
9 Allen Timmer-Arends 47:21:50 3rd Vet Male
10 Liz Kenney 49:43:26 1st Vet Female
11 Lance Thomas 50:01:32 3rd Vet Male
12 Todd Houghton 50:57:23 4th Vet Male
13 Cheryl Thomas 51:07:52 2nd Vet Female
14 Phil Mayer 51:17:64 5th Vet Male
15 Jason Irvine 53:48:56 6th Vet Male
16 Becky Novak 54:22:88 1st Open Female
17 Simon Finlay 55:47:94 7th Vet Male
18 Tija Bormanis 58:48:07 2nd Open Female
19 Jen Houghton 1:01:02:57 3rd Vet Female
20 Belinda Hoffard 1:01:29:25 3rd Open Female
21 Mark Peek 1:03:54:70 8th Vet Male
22 Ken Lancaster 1:04:42:59 9th Vet Male
23 Mandy Ellis 1:04:49:00 4th Vet Female
24 Michelle Colwell 1:06:51:79 5th Vet Female