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 Held at the stunning Gran Strzelecki Track in Tarra Bulga, part of the iconic Strzelecki Ranges.

The track is mostly trail and consists of loops, passing through the Balook visitor’s centre.


Results and report from Duncan’s Run Hundred:

The inaugural Gippsland Trail running event in memory of local runner Duncan Orr was a huge success. Duncan was an influential member of the Traralgon harriers. It was his dream to enjoy the company of the friendly ultra- marathon running community by holding a locally run ultra-trail event in Gippsland.

The event was organised by his wife Anna who along with family and friends of Duncan were able to put together a challenging and exciting event. The event was well supported by runners from the ultra-marathon running community whose friendly attitude made it a great day to remember Duncan.

The event was also well supported by the Grand Strzelecki Track, Friends of Tara Bulga, Balook and District Residence Association, Parks Victoria and HVP Plantations.


Kylie Murray did a great job taking photos all day and has posted many of these on Facebook page.  The photos go a long way to capturing the true spirit of the event and indeed the varied terrain and weather that faced those involved during the day.  “A tough and demanding run, with challenging terrain and conditions, but beautiful, life affirming and fulfilling at the same time; something we’ll all remember…”Phill Mayer.

Results:  Men’s 100km:

David Overend 11:48:57, Cameron Gillies 12:22:37,

Rob Zwierlen 12:25:32, Scott Mitchell 13:16:59, Michael Collings 13:23:20,

Thomas Laursen 13:23:50, Darren Purcell 13:40:07, Andy Turner 13:50:28,

Brett Easton 14:20:44, Michael McGrath 14:36:55, David Jennings 15:15:28,

Darrel Cross 16:37:58, Matthew Bell 17:54:55, Jamie Smith 17:54:55.

Female 100km:

Katherine MacMillan 12:26:24, Joanna Kruk 12:47:47,

Donna Urquart 13:46:27, Natasha Fraser DNF.

100km Teams:

Duncan Amigo’s (Morgan Tucker, Liz Kenney, Tim Crosbie) 11:38:09,

Only Slightly Crazies (Trent Kooyman, Tony Fulton, Sue Elsdon) 13:26:51,

Derelique (Travis White, Tony Cardillo, Michael Giddens) 13:52:15,

In Good Company (Michael Walker, Phillip Mayer, Glenn Crawford) 13:55:25,

Lemon & Limes (Anthony Smart, Dave Eastham, Marcus Dunnett) DNF

Men’s 50km:

Magnus Michelsson 4:17:10, Rob Preston 4:48:47, David Fraser 5:07:45, Jarrod Mitchell 5:25:33, Rory Finlay 5:40:34, Stuart Macqueen 5:45:08, Simon Weatherburn 5:46:14, Chris Roberts 5:49:00, Chris Ord 5:52:51,Timothy Crapp 6:07:46, Mark Rossiter 6:30:27, Mark Briillant 6:38:42, Rob Sutton 6:52:07, Rob Taylor 7:06:48, Adam Simpson 7:28:17, Sen King Lim 8:42:30.

Female 50km:

Eliza Allan 6:09:03, Gayle Cowling 6:10:25, Leigh Hawkes 6:39:00, Cheryl Symons 8:21:53.

Men’s 36km:

Rob Baker 3:20:10, Andrew Selby Smith 3:20:16, Grant Morgan 3:26:53, Derek Prentice 3:59:10, Jason Beecroft 4:07:13, Mark Pemberton 4:07:51, Wayne Pemberton 4:11:31, Chris Frohlich 4:15:06, Bruce Venables 4:30:22, Mark Debono 4:49:45, Darren Pemberton 5:24:51, Joseph Ta 5:35:43, Greg Semmler 5:41:40, Travis McInnes 6:07:35, Simon Vanestadt 6:18:41, Rob Daws 7:05:03, Tony Wilms 7:57:35, Bob Bickett DNF, Murray Brady DNF.

Female 36km:

Clare Baker 4:33:07, Vanessa Bolton 5:24:36, Fleur Grose 5:26:04, Bernie Larsen 5:30:03, Lynda McRae 5:41:41, Jenny Hibble 6:17:23, Shannon Wight 7:00:05.

 Course Details

The Grand Strzelecki Track was the venue of Gippsland’s first 100km ultra marathon running event on 21st December 2013. Duncan’s Run-Hundred is a memorial event for Morwell’s Duncan Orr who was tragically died earlier this year.   Duncan was an influential member of the Traralgon Harriers Athletics Club and is greatly missed by the local community.
The run is based around the tiny village of Balook and the spectacular Tarra-Bulga National Park and adjacent forestry plantations. The course will climb Mt Tassie, the highest peak of the Strzelecki Ranges at 720m above sea level. Here you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking 360 degree views: north across the Latrobe Valley and Great Dividing Range beyond, east towards Longford and the Ninety Mile Beach, south to Wilson’s Promontory and west across the scenic Traralgon Creek valley.
As the course travels deeper into the Strzelecki Ranges, you’ll pass nearby cliffs and waterfalls that punctuate the dense mixed eucalypt forest. Giant Mountain Ash trees, beautiful tree fern gullies and ancient myrtle beeches feature upon reaching the cool temperate rainforest of Tarra-Bulga National Park.
See the devastating impact of 2009’s Black Saturday bushfires and how the forest is faring today. Pass through managed plantations and observe endangered damp forest containing ancient Mountain Grey Gum, Blue Gum and Messmate eucalypts that are now regenerating. You may be lucky to see the famous unique Strzelecki koala.
See the event page for results and more information on Duncan’s Run.