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Ray and Dorris Ellis Results


I had a few fears going through my mind leading up to this year’s Ray and Doris Ellis Hill runs. The first one being that most of the runners who knew Ray and Doris Ellis well and enjoyed their company as harriers may be getting to old to support this event. The second was were there enough young runners around to hopefully take on this challenging event and enjoy it enough to bring their friends back in the coming years to keep the event strong. Both fears were quickly alleviated as a good mixture of old and new turned out to make it a successful day. The ever reliable Barry Higgins, John Jervis, Ken Lancaster, Ian Heafield, Peter Grixti and Belinda Heafield were among some of the older runners making a big effort to run while Bruce Salisbury, Margaret Salisbury, Barry Summersgill and Rick Mann turned up to help.

Although most of the runners there probably don’t know Ray and Doris the event is very much a typical harrier event modelled on these two famous harriers. It starts in a very relaxed friendly atmosphere and as always there is a good number of willing helpers to organise the event. While waiting for the race to start there is always plenty of friendly banter going on between the runners. A lot is about the weekend’s football with Barry ignoring everyone’s efforts to grab his attention and Kenny having a grin on his face for once. They are low cost easy to get too and a lot of fun. I still don’t understand why more runners don’t do them. If you didn’t know Ray and Doris Ellis before doing this run at least the course and the event would leave a good impression on you.

My own fear was that I had been playing it safe since the 6 Foot Track Marathon. I guess when you have had the season I had last year where I missed heaps of races because of injury and raced myself lame in others there is plenty of security in just training and not racing. Still this is not how I want to run and I have promised myself 2014 is going to be a fun year by getting back to racing everything I can. To do this you simply got to get back into racing and stop making excuses. The fact I hadn’t raced this race the last two years suggested that maybe I was starting make too many excuses.

As I have said before the most gains in fitness are made by racing. As Sean Williams says in his three laws of racing, number three is to beat as many other runners to the finish as possible. This is our competitive nature and it gives you that adrenaline rush that takes you physically and mentally to a level that cannot be duplicated in training. Simply racing is so different to training and the only way to get better at racing is to do it plenty of it.

There is no better example of this than Michael Walker who has raced consistently the last 12 months and was rewarded with a 22 minute P/B on Sunday in the 16km. There were many other highlights and as mentioned Ryan Wissmer effort in coming close to John Mackenzie’s record and if not for the slippery conditions surely would have broken it. Queen Lizzy continued her dominance of the club female titles winning the female 16km event.

In the end I had nothing to fear about racing the 16km event and celebrated crossing the line pain free it was a great feeling. Even better waking up the next day without soreness in the feet, calf or Achilles. There was plenty of friendly chat afterwards with plenty of us being proud of the amount of mud we were able to flick up the back of our legs, butts and even up our singlets. Darrel had to go one better and take a dive and get mud all over the front of his legs, though I don’t think this has anything to do with his good technique.

16km Results:

Place Name Time Age Group

1) Ryan Wissmer 1:02:10 1st Open Male
2) Darrel Cross 1:10:42 1st Vet Male
3) Darren Fletcher 1:11:49 2nd Vet Male
4) Mark Rossiter 1:14:59 2nd Open Male
5) Stephen McLeod 1:16:24 3rd Vet Male
6) Greg Semmler 1:19:18 3rd Open Male
7) Ian Twite 1:20:00 4th Vet Male
8) Gary Fox 1:24:03 5th Vet Male
9) Daniel Bremner 1:24:11 4th Open Male
10) Michael Walker 1:26:34 6th Vet Male
11) Allen Timmer-Arends 1:27:40 7th Vet Male
12) Liz Kenney 1:27:41 1st Vet Female
13) Joshua Hellings 1:29:29 5th Open Male
14) Michelle Bremner 1:32:00 1st Open Female
15) Jenny Northe 1:32:43 2nd Vet Female
16) Todd Houghton 1:36:33 8th Vet Male
17) Frank Monacella 1:49:31 9th Vet Male
18) Peter Grixti 1:56:52 10th Vet Male
19) John Jervis 1:57:02 11th Vet Male
20) Barry Higgins 1:57:10 12th Vet Male
21) Madelon Lane 2:13:40 3rd Vet Female

In the 8km event speedster Stephen Rae smashed the course record by over
a minute. He was well and truly pushed along by the other club speedster in
Des Paynter. 1st female in the 8km event was Jen Houghton.
Once again we must thank Bruce and Margaret, Shannon, Jane, Alison, Rick
and Barry for helping out and organising us runners. I apologise if I missed
anyone. In the end to all the runners who turned up and had a go, we had a lot
of fun and Ray and Doris will be happy to hear this.

8km Results:

Place Name Time Age Group

1) Stephen Rae 30:33:00 1st Open Male
2) Des Paynter 32:42:00 2nd Open Male
3) Jason Collins 37:49:00 3rd Open Male
4) Trevor Preston 47:19:00 1st Vet Male
5) Phill Mayer 50:49:00 2nd Vet Male
6) Ian Heafield 51:06:00 3rd Vet Male
7) Jen Houghton 51:11:00 1st Vet Female
8) Belinda Heafield 55:34:00 2nd Vet Female
9) Kenny Lancaster 55:36:00 4th Vet Male