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On Saturday 26 finely tuned athletes toed the start line for the Springwood
Trophy Cross Country in the picturesque Crinigan Road Reserve Morwell.
Another 100 did not. The course is a meandering affair that is fairly technical
and requires a degree of concentration and thought. It is a little sad to think
that we only have 26 people that believe they have the ability to match the
intelligence of the course marker. Ryan Wissmer was back after having taken a
course in marker reading and was able to complete the correct course to take
out the event. Due to a fall by Kim Essex that required ambulance attendance
one third of the women‟s field was unable to complete the course due to
assisting Kim till the ambulance took her away.
We thank those involved and wish Kim a speedy recovery. In the women’s
event Kylie Murray returned to the winners circle ahead of Liz Kenney.
Interesting to note that Liz and Darrel like to do a lot together but both
finishing second?? Just like an old married couple doing everything together.
Or is it Äh young love!” Looking through the results I notice a lack of the
younger male runners in the club so perhaps we shouldn’t mention about the
course being tough and perhaps this may change? After completing the event
the slightly confused, but happy runners enjoyed a cuppa and cake and
explained what may have happened if only. It was good to be there but next
time I will give a speech and tell you how good I was. And every year as I get
older I get better.
The Cunning Course Marker

Note from Kim:
I would like to thank the following people for their assistance on Saturday,
Anna for raising the alarm, Helen for keeping me calm, Jenny and Kylie for
staying with me, Liz for the extra coats and blankets and Daryl and Bruce for
guiding the ambulance in and Barry Higgins for your concern and to anyone else
who I have forgotten thank you. To those of you I caused to DNF I’m sorry
and sorry Daryl for losing your keys
Thanks again happy training Kim

Female 4km Cross Country Springwood Trophy
Pl Name Time Category

1 Kylie Murray 17:02:44 1st Open Female
2 Liz Kenney 20:50:35 1st Vet Female
3 Alison Whiter 27:03:38 2nd Open Female
4 Joelly Firmin 27:29:11 1st Junior Female
5 Madelon Lane 29:11:16 2nd Vet Female
6 Shannon Bailey 30:44:99 3rd Open Female

Male 8km Cross Country Springwood Trophy
Pl Name Time Category

1 Ryan Wissmer 30:00:13 1st Open Male
2 Darrel Cross 34:09:23 1st Vet Male
3 Darren Fletcher 35:02:61 2nd Vet Male
4 Benjamin Bailey 35:10:80 2nd Open Male
5 Charley Twomey 36:45:93 3rd Vet Male
6 Rob Semmler 37:34:13 3rd Open Male
7 Flynn Boyle 37:54:70 4th Open Male
8 Ian Twite 38:09:29 4th Vet Male
9 Allen Timmer-Arends 41:39:28 5th Vet Male
10 Neil Firmin 42:07:20 6th Vet Male
11 Mark Van Der Muelen 42:40:81 7th Vet Male
12 Trevor Preston 47:51:91 8th Vet Male
13 Barry Higgins 53:36:13 9th Vet Male
14 Bob Bickett 53:57:29 10th Vet Male
15 Ian Heafield 54:44:50 11th Vet Male
16 John Jervis 55:30:45 12th Vet Male