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A sunny day with a slight breeze greeted the runners in the 18th Geoff
Swaggie Wilson 12k and 6k runs. Nick Schilling had to get home to look after
the kids (I think) so set off at a cracking pace to clear out from the rest of
the field. Darrel Cross, ever the gentleman, stayed behind Kylie Murray to
make sure she didn’t get lost then took the lead 800mts from the finish to
make sure the way was clear for her. That’s his version anyway. Steve McLeod
kept pace with Twitey until the 11k mark when he got sick of Twitey telling him
he was doing it wrong and ran off. Michael Walker, despite his last name,
outran Garry Fox in the last K just to show him he could. Todd Houghton had
to work hard over the last 400mts to hold off a fast finishing Megan
Ferguson. Liz Kenney was doing it hard and had to be escorted on her last lap
by a pregnant bike rider.
Barry Higgins and Rick Mann nearly broke their ankles they pulled up so quick
before the finish line to allow the other to cross first. Rick won?? And last
but not least we were all very pleased not to be embarrassed by Mark Peek
and Ken Lancaster crossing the finish line holding hands. A big thank you to
Margaret Salisbury, Jane Walker and Jenny Irvine for their assistance and to
Anne Wilson for putting up with my prattle. Thank you to those that supplied
food as I really needed it after clocking everyone in. (Pushing the button on
the watch counts as exercise right?)
Bruce Salisbury

Once again we must thank Bruce and Margaret for organizing another great
run. I couldn’t think of anything better than been able to race hard on a
Sunday so close to home. Racing is certainly the paramount epitome of running
and without selfless individuals like Bruce it wouldn’t happen. The course is
challenging enough without being too difficult but not totally flat and boring.

Swaggy Wilson 6km Results
Pl Name Time Category
1) Molly Irvine 25:29:00 1st Open Female
2) Phill Mayer 28:56:00 1st Vet Male
3) Anna Orr 35:40:00 2nd Open Female
4) Barry Higgins 36:16:00 2nd Vet Male
5) Rick Mann 36:16:00 3rd Vet Male
6) Melanie Riddle 38:33:00 3rd Open Female
7) Barbara Vaughn 39:45:00 1st Vet Female
8) Helen Reeves 40:20:00 2nd Vet Female
9) Isla McRae 55:36:00 1st Junior Female
10) Lynda McRae 55:36:00 3rd Vet Female
Swaggy Wilson 12km Results
1) Nick Schilling 44:33:00 1st Open Male
2) Daryl Cross 46:53:00 1st Vet Male
3) Kylie Murray 47:30:00 1st Open Female
4) Greg Semmler 49:18:00 2nd Open Male
5) Stephen McLeod 50:51:00 2nd Vet Male
6) Ian Twite 51:49:00 3rd Vet Male
7) Travis White 57:06:00 3rd Open Male
8) Michael Walker 57:23:00 4th Vet Male
9) Gary Fox 57:33:00 5th Vet Male
10) Andrew Turrell 58:38:00 6th Vet Male
11) Liz Kenney 59:54:00 1st Vet Female
12) Frank Monacella 65:15:00 7th Vet Male
13) Todd Houghton 69:18:00 8th Vet Male
14) Megan Ferguson 69:18:00 2nd Open Female
15) Helen Whitby 69:54:00 2nd Vet Female
16) Mark Peek 71:59:00 9th Vet Male
17) Ken Lancaster 72:09:00 10th Vet Male
18) Dianna Van Rhine 72:36:00 3rd Vet Female
19) Dani Thompson 72:57:00 3rd Open Female
20) Mandy Ellis 74:28:00 4th Vet Female
21) Jen Houghton 83:18:00 5th Vet Female


Although the day was cold the sun was shining, which it always does on Swaggy’s day. I came early to help out but as usual Bruce, Margaret and Shannon had things under control and for probably the 100th time these hard working individuals were going to allow me to enjoy a club run while they looked after things. Bruce gave us a heartfelt speech at the start which reminded us all of the fragilities of life especially the delicate and much misunderstood area that deals with mental health issues. We were here to remember Geoff”Swaggy Wilson” a great bloke on the outside who succumbed to his inner demons and sadly took his own life. Everyone had their reasons for running today but when I think of Swaggy I think of one of my first A.V. runs for the Traralgon Harriers at Fisherman’s Bend. I travelled down in the same car with him and his enthusiasm for suchevents has left a lasting impression on me. Since then I have enjoyed over 100 A.V. events with 100’s of other harriers over the years. Swaggy would have loved it. I was determined to run if I could to remember “Swaggy” and hopefully help someone who needs help by competing and helping Lifeline in a small way. The original plan was to take it easy and just get around the 12km in 6 min km pace. I started of pretty gingerly and unsure how hard I could run. The further I went the better I felt and as my heart rate got up higher the addiction of racing hard took over and I forgot my fragile state. Racing hard somewhere with other runners or a group of harriers is what I enjoy most and after a 5 week layoff it was a great feeling.

6km Place Name Time Category

1 Warren Shields 24:39:00 1st Vet Male
2 Christopher Evans 26:20:00 1st Junior Male
3 Mick Beeck 27:28:00 2nd Vet Male
4 Phil Mayer 27:44:00 3rd Vet Male
5 Kate Mayer 29:58:00 1st Junior Female
6 Anthony Mayer 32:31:00 4th Vet Male
7 Jen Van Der Velden 33:30:00 1st Open Female
8 Todd Houghton 34:20:00 1st Open Male
9 Alison Whiter 34:57:00 2nd Open Female
10 Jen Houghton 35:10:00 1st Vet Female
11 Ash Hall 37:00:00 5th Vet Male
12 Courtney Lee 37:56:00 3rd Open Female
13 Kate Wilson 37:56:00 4th Open Female
14 Mandy Ellis 38:28:00 2nd Vet Female
15 Carol Jeffs 39:03:00 3rd Vet Female
16 Mel Riddle 41:21:00 5th Open Female
17 Michael Jones 42:26:00 2nd Open Male
18 Denise Twite 43:30:00 4th Vet Female

12km Place Name Time Category

1 Flynn Boyle 45:45:00 1st Open Male
2 Rob Preston 45:58:00 2nd Open Male
3 Darrel Cross 47:52:00 1st Vet Male
4 Ben Bailey 50:06:00 3rd Open Male
5 Charlie Twomey 50:58:00 2nd Vet Male
6 Robert Evans 51:05:00 3rd Vet Male
7 Mark Van Der Meulen 54:07:00 4th Vet Male
8 Neil Firmin 54:56:00 5th Vet Male
9 Gary Fox 55:38:00 6th Vet Male
10 Liz Kenney 56:07:00 1st Vet Female
11 Ian Twite 58:21:00 7th Vet Male
12 Cheryl Thomas 59:01:00 2nd Vet Female
13 Kate McDermott 1:00:37 1st Open Female
14 Anna Orr 1:06:46 2nd Open Female
15 Robyn Baker 1:07:35 3rd Vet Female
16 Bob Duljas 1:07:37 8th Vet Male
17 Alison Peter 1:08:17 4th Vet Female
18 John Jervis 1:10:08 9th Vet Male
19 Barry Higgins 1:18:40 10th Vet Male
20 Terry Spector 1:18:45 11th Vet Male
21 Ken Lancaster 1:19:00 12th Vet Male