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08/06/2017 Rangeview Drive 5km

Rangeview Drive 5km

With the annual Traralgon Marathon being run and won on the weekend, 36 heavy-legged runners set out for the Rangeview Drive 3- course for the weekly harriers run. The fairly simple 3-lap course took runners down Stirling Avenue and Rangeview Drive, before heading out onto Wirilda Crescent and then up the hill on Parkwood Way.

First three home on handicap was the ever-consistent Clinton Jolly running an awesome time of 22:51, Kay Frost was next in a time of 23:07 and Theresa Dixon in 23:54.

Fastest runners home on non-handicap for the males this week was speedster Biassi Silvestro in 19:19 who continues to shave down his times, second was closely following Darrel Cross in 19:20 and Glenn Graham came home in another speedy time of 19:25.

Fastest of the females was the consistent Karen Graham in 21:36, followed by Kay Frost in 23:07 who continues to improve with each and every run, and then Jenny Northe in third place with a time of 24:09.

For the kids 1.8km course, it was a sibling rivalry between Nicholas and Ameli Krafft-Murat who ran the junior course in times of 13:38 and 13:41, respectively.

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the running of the 50th Traralgon Marathon day a great success. Also, a big congratulations to all the runners who went above and beyond their desired goals and just to everyone in general who got out and did it!

Next week’s run is The Breed Street 5km course, which starts at the Traralgon Netball courts (Agnes Brereton Reserve) off Breed Street in Traralgon; 5:50pm start for new runners and for those who run over 25 mins for 5km, 6pm start for faster runners who run sub 25 mins for 5km.  The Harriers welcomes all runners of all abilities and further details about the club can be found on our website


5km Results:

  1. Clinton Jolly 22.51
  2. Kay Frost 23.07
  3. Theresa Dixon 23.54
  4. Gary Fox 24.07
  5. Jenny Northe 24.09
  6. Tania Whitehead 25.06
  7. Chris Vallak 25.07
  8. Tim Buckley 26.21
  9. Phill Mayer 26.53.
  10. Michael Walker 26.53
  11. Georgia Callaway 27.15.
  12. Andrew Legge 28.03.
  13. Allison Triggs 28.04.
  14. Belinda Heafield 29.14.
  15. Biassi Silvestro 19.19
  16. Darrel Cross 19.20
  17. Glenn Graham 19.25
  18. Mandy Ellis 29.38
  19. Michelle Sawyer 29.54
  20. Ian Heafield 30.08
  21. Barry Higgins 30.19
  22. Steve McLeod 20.47
  23. Sandra Byrne 30.53
  24. Anne Johnson 31.17
  25. Pete Sanders 21.27
  26. Karen Graham 21.36
  27. Edi Murat 21.55
  28. Lynda Jones 31.59
  29. Chester Goulter 32.26
  30. Grant Hilton 33.23
  31. Ann Bomers 34.30.


3.4km Results:

  1. Ray Ellis 28.47
  2. Carol Summersgill 30.10


1.8km Results:

  1. Nicholas Kraft-Murat 13.38
  2. Ameli kraft-Murat 13.41
  3. Myra Kraft 13.48.