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09/06/2016 Phillip Street 5kM


In the after-glow of another very successful Traralgon Marathon Running Festival, a smallish gathering of just 37 runners and walkers fronted up for the Phillip Street 5km race in Traralgon. Notably, some of these people also participated in the Running Festival just four days prior and so recovery may have been questionable.

The handicap component of the 5km was won by Jazmine Sanders (29min exactly) a junior athlete and thoroughly deserving of the full 100 championship points earned.

Edi Murat, 21:50, finished second in the handicap, earning 96 points, followed hotly by Tim Buckley, 28:56 and with 93 points.

 Amongst the standout efforts of the race was Jenny Northe’s fourth placing in 22:07. This time is at least a minute faster than her last two 5km races.

 The quickest male and female times of the event, on a non-handicap basis, were: Glenn Graham 19:52, Steve McLeod 20:37, Pete Sanders 21:07, Molly Irvine 20:47, Karen Graham 21:52 and Jenny Northe 22:07.

This Thursday’s (16/6/2016) race is the Rangeview Drive, Traralgon 5km beginning at 5:50 pm from outside St. Gabrielle Primary School at the Corner of Rangeview Drive and Stirling Avenue.

 There will also be an intermediate race of 3km and a junior race of 1km on offer.

 Please turn up in time to register and warm up and remember to wear high-visibility clothing and LED lights.

New runners and non-runners are invited to join in to help ward off the Winter lethargy blues.


 1.     Jazmine Sanders 29:00, 2. Edi Murat 21:50, Tim Buckley 28:56, 4. Jenny Northe 22:07, 5. Peter Grixti 30:31, 6. Helen Reeves 33:38, 7. Andrew Legge 23:40, 8. Tania Whitehead 23:47, 9. Kayla Gallert 23:47, 10. Molly Irvine 20:47, 11. Glenn Graham  19:52, 12. Karen Graham 21:52, 13. Phill Mayer 33:56, 14. Lynda Jones 30:58, 15. Pete Sanders 21:07, 16. Ian Heafield 30:17, 17. Steve Oates 24:19, 18. Mandy Ellis 31:29, 19. Steve McLeod 20:37, 20. Barry Higgins 29:41, 21. Gary Fox 24:01, 22. Ann Bomers 35:05, 23. Helen Whitby 29:59, 24. Bob Duljas 28:47, 25. Mark Van Der Meulen 24:17, 26. Anne Johnson 31:29, 27. Paul Odgers 32:58, 28. Tom Irvine 30:54, 29. Anne Davidson 37:59, 30. Megan Harper 33:27, 31. Chris Vallak.

 4.8km WRONG-WAYERS:  Angelina Diamente 25:28, Georgia Callaway 25:48,

                                                    Bob Bickett 26:00

3km TRAINING RUN:  Michelle Sawyer 20:05

2.5km WALKER:  Ray Ellis 33:22

1km JUNIOR:  Nicholas Krafft-Murat 6:30