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10/11/2016 Tour De West




Encompassing one giant 6km loop, last week’s handicap race took participants on a tour of the north-westerly aspects of Traralgon, with the Harriers’ clubrooms as a focal point.

Whilst the course was a gentle one, there were still some extended straight sections requiring some concentration to overcome the frustratingly  slow approach of the next turn.

Apparently undaunted by this concrete and bitumen course were the winners of the handicap: First, Simone Forbes, 27:28, second,Warren Shields, 27:29 and third, Belinda Heafield, 34:54.

Simone Forbes is a consistently strong runner who often features in the first 10 finishers, but Warren Shields and Belinda Heafield don’t manage this as often and so appear to have put in some very satisfying personal performances.

Other noteworthy efforts of the evening were those of the two most senior of the Traralgon Harriers, Mick Bridle and Ray Ellis, both well into their eighties, who both unintentionally completed about 4.5km during their 3km event, and looked as fresh at the finish as the start.

The athlete who really stands out currently is Molly Irvine. Though barely in her twenties, Molly displays the experience and stamina of many older competitors and has very successfully combined triathlons, duathlons and cross-training with her running career to produce some memorable results. She regularly features in the fastest three or four runners at the Harriers’ Thursdays events, as well as producing excellent results in major races across the state. Molly’s athletic future looks exciting.

The fastest categorized runners of the evening were: Glenn Graham, 24:19, Steve McLeod, 24:30, Ian Cornthwaite, 24:36, Molly Irvine, 25:14, Simone Forbes, 27:28 and Georgia Pearson, 27:33.

This Thursday’s (17/11/2016) event is the very popular Crinigan Road Reserve, Morwell 5km handicap. The start is off Fairway Reserve, opposite the Morwell Golf Club. The run/walk winds through the scenic reserve on bushland walking trails and is one of the Harrier’s most enjoyable Summer-season courses. Strenuous but never boring.

There will also be available an intermediate race of 3km and a junior event of 1.1km.

Please arrive early for the 6pm start time to cater for registration and warming up.


Simone Forbes 27:28, Warren Shields 27:29, Belinda Heafield 34:54, Tim Buckley 31:40, David Mann 30:46, Liz Kenney 28:21, Hunter Bailey 40:24, Georgia Pearson 27:33, Molly Irvine 25:14, Ian Heafield 36:14, Owen Notting 28:17, Jenny Northe 28:18, Glenn Graham 24:19, Gary Fox 28:21, Steve McLeod 24:30, Andrew Legge 28:40, Jason Irvine 32:12, Michelle Sawyer 30:48, Barry Higgins 36:12, Kaye Livingstone 32:45, Karen Graham 27:48, Mandy Ellis 39:02, Ian Cornthwaite 24:36, Peter Grixti 37:54, Tanis Whitehead 31:03, Sue Elsdon 31:04, Diana Van Rhine 36:05, Helen Whitby 36:10, Ann Bomers 43:22, Angeline Diamente 33:56, Georia Calloway 34:57, Lynda Jones 39:58, Tony Arrowsmith 28:33, Michelle Colwell 40:31, Kathy Quinn 47:08, Debbie Henry 47:08, Chris Vallak 38:12, Phil Mayer 38:22.

4.5 KM: Mick Bridle 48:59, Ray Ellis 48:59.

3 KM:  Rick Mann 18:35, Bruce Salisbury 20:57, Barry Summersgill 20:57.