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15/10/2015-Chook Hill 6km


Chook Hill 6km.

Summer is on its way, Daylight Saving is here and so the Harriers are now embarking on their trail and gravel road dominated season. For many runners and walkers this is their favourite time because it incorporates varying terrain with bush scenery and a chance to get away from traffic and off bitumen roads and town streets.

The Chook Hill 6km is over a rolling gravel route, occasionally a bit rough under-foot, but ultimately fast and enjoyable.

The handicap component last Thursday was won by a long- time doyenne of adventure racing and distance running, Kathryn Preston, 24 minutes 43 seconds. This time over a challenging 6km route indicates Kathryn is on the come back trail after a lengthy hiatus in her optimal training and racing program. She also finished in the quickest time amongst the females, beating the usually dominant Molly Irvine, 24:58.

Second and third handicap placings went to the dynamic duo, Colby Morley, 22:46 and Tyler Morley, 23:38.  The Morleys could have an interesting athletic career ahead if they continue on in this vein.

The quickest males and fastest times overall were those of Riley Evans, 22:01, Colby Morley, 22:46 and Bryan Cake, 22:48.

Amongst the three quickest females were Kathryn Preston, Molly Irvine and Tylah Whitehead, 28:31.

This Thursday’s (22/10/15) race is over a new course, the Rail Trail 5km, beginning from Burnets Road, Traralgon. Starting time is 6pm, but please report in by 5:30pm if you are a slower runner or walker. New participants are invited to join in.


  1. Kathryn Preston 24:43, 2. Colby Morley 22:46, 3. Tyler Morley 23:38, 4. Michael Duck 26:53, 5. Phil Mayer 29:26, 6. Katie Ryan 32:10, 7. Lance Thomas 26:20, 8. Tylak Whitehead 28:31, 9. Bryan Cake 22:48, 10. Riley Evans 22:01, 11. Jeff Xu 30:53, 12. Molly Irvine 24:58, 13. Mark Van Der Muelen 27:56, 14. Belinda Ruff 41:13, 15. Michelle Colwell 40:17, 16. Sue Elsdon 29:18, 17. Steve McLeod 24:33, 18. Tania Whitehead 28:31, 19. Gary Fox 28:40, 20. Sarah Hill 41:44, 21. Georgia Pearson 29:05, 22. Robbie Preston 24:12, 23. Michael Walker 30:36, 24. Tim Northe 27:33,25. Michelle Sawyer 32:20, 26. Andrew Legge 28:51, 27. Megan Harper 36:48, 28. Glenn Graham 26:49, 29. Col Metcalf 35:24, 30. Natalie Caprara 36:23, 31. Miranda Chapman 36:24, 32. Pete Sanders 29:42, 33. Diana Van Rhine