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16/06/2016 Rangeview Drive 5km

Rangeview Drive, Traralgon 5km.

Thirty nine intrepid runners and walkers faced-up to Winter’s gloom and tackled the Rangeview Drive 5km Harriers’ race from St. Gabrielle Primary School in Traralgon’s North-east.

 On a handicap basis the 5km event was won by Michelle Colwell in a corrected time of 29 minutes 42 seconds.

Second place was clinched by Peter Grixti, 29:22 now back to his previous top four finishing form.

Talented youngster Kayla Gallert  ran strongly off a 10 minute handicap to take out third place in 22:32.

The fastest three females of the race included Molly Irvine, 20:41, Karen Graham, 21:53 and Jenny Northe, 22:25.

Hillary Meyer, in fine running form at the moment, appears to have been keeping something in reserve for the 10 km Athletics Victoria Cross Country race at Bundoora just two days later.

The three fastest males comprised Glenn Graham, 19:23, Steve McLeod, 20:22 and Pete Sanders, 20:27.

 This Thursday’s (23/6/16) event is the Tennis Courts 5km from the corner of Davidson and Franklin Streets, Traralon. Starting time is 5:50pm for the “early starters”.

There is also an intermediate race of 2.5km and a junior race of 1km on offer.

The Traralgon Harriers’ invite the public to make the most of their running events in line with the club’s aims of promoting mental and physical health and fitness whilst also catering for more competitive individuals. Thursday’s running events are a motivational opportunity for runners and walkers wanting to exercise and also a chance for serious athletes to have a mid-week hit-out or time trial as an important part of their training program.


 1.     Michelle Colwell 29:42, 2. Peter Grixti 29:22, 3. Kayla Gallert 22:32, 4. Bob Bickett 26:45, 5. Angelina Diamente 25:03, 6. Darrel Cross 21:07, 7. Tim Buckley 28:11, 8. Paul Odgers 29:11, 9. Phil Mayer 24:23, 10. Glenn Graham 19:23, 11. Jenny Northe 22:25, 12. Chris Vallak 24:25, 13. Pete Sanders 20:27, 14. Molly Irvine 20:41, 15. Ian Heafield 29:43, 16. Andrew Legge 23:44, 17. Helen Whitby 27:44, 18. Lynda Jones 30:50, 19. Edi Murat 22:51, 20. Karen Graham 21:53, 21. Gary Fox 22:59, 22. Biasi Silvestro 22:18, 23. Steve McLeod 20:22, 24. Tania Whitehead 24:26, 25. Hillary Meyer 23:33, 26. Barry Higgins 29:36, 27. Bob Duljas 28:19, 28. Allison Triggs 32:23, 29. Mandy Ellis 32:31, 30. Steve Oates 25:31, 31. Georgia Pearson 24:32, 32. Anne Johnson 31:54, 33. Michelle Sawyer 28:38, 34. Megan Harper 32:33, 35. Angela Harkin 40:09, 36. Diana Van Rhine 34:22.

 WALKERS (3.4km):  Ray Ellis 31:34

 JUNIORS (1.2km): Analise Krafft-Murat 8:00, Nicolas Krafft-Murat 8:14