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21/1/2016 Clarkes Road

Traralgon Harriers Race Report 21.01.16


The Clarkes Road one lap circuit starts with a relaxing trail run through a pine plantation then a sharp rise to test your hill strength but is well worth the effort where you get a fantastic view of Latrobe Valley and across to Mt Baw Baw. The last few kilometres wind through part of Hazelwood North then back up to the start.


No new runners this time but Madelon Lane and Trevor Preston joined us again. Madelon and Trevor running times of 39.59 and 32.49, respectively.


The first female on handicap this week was Kayla Gallert in 30.01 followed by Anna Cardillo in 32.44 and Kathryn Preston in 27.37. The male runners led by Phill Mayer in 32.05, Chris Vallak in 32.21 and Ian Cornthwaite third in a time of 24.14.


The first three men on non-handicap time were Ian Cornthwaite, Bryan Cake and Steve McLeod who came home with times of 24.14, 26.34 and 27.35, respectively. The women on non-handicap were Kathryn Preston in 27.37, Jenny Northe in 29.42 and Kayla Gallert a time of 30.01.


The Thursday night runs are for all ages and abilities, ranging from 1 km to 6 km running circuits. If you are interested in seeing what Harriers is all about come and joins us. For more information visit our website



Ian Cornthwaite 24:14, Bryan Cake 26:34, Steve McLeod 27:35, Kathryn Preston 27:37, Rob Preston 29:35, Pete Sanders 29:37, Lance Thomas 29:37, Jenny Northe 29:42, Kayla Gallert 30:01, Warren Shields 30:15, Gary Fox 30:30, Sue Elsdon 31:06, Edi Murat 31:06, Owen Notting 31:24, Phill Mayer 32:05, Chris Vallak 32:21, Anna Cardillo 32:44, Jeff Xu 33:44, Michelle Sawyer 33:50, Cheryl Thomas 34:16, Jack Callaway 34:26, Kaye Livingstone 36:50, Becky Nowak 37:31, Annys Huynh 37:40, Georgia Callaway 38:25, Todd Houghton 38:36, Belinda Heafield 39:07, Helen Whitby 39:18, Barry Higgins 39:44, Allison Triggs 41:57, Peter Grixti 42:14, Diana Van Rhine 42:31, Rick Mann 43:07, Ian Heafield 43:19, Paul Odgers 43:26, John Jervis 43:30, Belinda Ruff 46:19, Anne Davidson 48:59, Helen Reeves 50:11

Training Run:

Trevor Preston 32.49, Melissa Jones 36.04, Madelon Lane 39.59