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23/06/2016 Tennis Courts 5km



Beginning opposite the tennis courts in Franklin Street, Traralgon, last Thursday’s 5km race was the perfect event for cold, wet and blusterly conditions.

The course is relatively sheltered, mostly free of busy traffic and adequately lit via street lighting. Still, conditions were testing and so a round of applause to those 31 self-disciplined souls who pulled on their running gear for this race.

First, second and third in the handicap element were Michelle Colwell, 30min. 47sec., Andrew Legge, 22:12 and Peter Grixti, 29:24.

Notable amongst these results was Michelle Colwell’s 2min. 14sec. improvement in just six weeks since the Agnes Brereton Park 5km, run in benign conditions.

Since the race was a designated Championship event, these three placegetters will each have their handicap increased by one minute as a reward!

The speediest runners on this occasion include: Glenn Graham, 19:16, Steve McLeod, 20:22, Pete Sanders 20:24, Karen Graham, 21:44, Kayla Gallert, 22:35 and Georgia Pearson, 23:06.

This Thursday’s (30/6/2016) race is the Riverslea Boulevard 5km beginning from the corner of Cross’s Road and Grubb Avenue, Traralgon at 5:50pm for the early starters.

Please wear high-visibility gear and allow enough time to warm up before-hand.

The additional events will be an intermediate race of 3.2km and a junior event of 1.2km.

The public is invited to join in and reap the benefits of exercising in a well-organised, social atmosphere.


1. Michelle Colwell 30:47, 2. Andrew Legge 22:12, 3. Peter Grixti 29:24, 4. Kayla Gallert 22:35, 5. Darrel Cross 20:43, 6. Warren Shields 22:49, 7. Steve Oates 22:58, 8. Bob Bickett 27:02, 9. Ian Heafield 29:12, 10. Glenn Graham 19:16, 11. Phil Mayer 24:19, 12. Tony Arrowsmith 21:22, 13. Pete Sanders 20:24, 14. Edi Murat 21:40, 15. Karen Graham 21:44, 16. Lynda Jones 31:02, 17. Georgia Pearson 23:06, 18. Biasi Silvestro 22:13, 19. Steve McLeod 20:22, 20. Gary Fox 23:23, 21. Mandy Ellis 31:25, 22. Georgia Callaway 27:29, 23. Michelle Sawyer 25:46, 24. Barry Higgins 29:49, 25. Jenny Northe 24:10, 26. Cassie Mathews 35:29, 27. Belinda Ruff 35:47, 28. Angelina Diamente 28:00, 29. Helen Whitby 30:19, 30. Megan Harper 31:25, 31. Becky Mathews 35:30.