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12/05/2016 Agnes Brereton Park

Traralgon Harriers Race Report 12.05.16

The Win Network Traralgon Marathon and Running Festival is on Sunday 5 June and now it is a great time to get a few extra short runs in through the week. Come and join Traralgon Harriers this Thursday for a 6 km run that initiates from Independent Way, Traralgon.

This week the run started at Agnes Brereton and followed the Traralgon Parkrun course then headed north behind the Sherwood Park estate, looping back toward the finish line.

The first female on handicap this week was Angeline Diamente in 24.50 followed by Jessica Ruff in 33.00 and Kayla Gallert in 23.57. The male runners led by Jack Murray in 21.38, Chris Vallak in 24.38 and Darrel Cross third in a time of 20.41. It has been great watching Jessica Ruff come along to the runs with her mum Belinda and progress from the shorter courses to the full 5 and 6 km. This is exactly what Harriers is all about, encouraging new runners and having a family atmosphere. Angeline Diamente has also been showing improvement over the last few months, last week she ran the 5km in 25.02 and this week completed the run sub 25 minutes, in 24.50.

Nick Finch, Ian Cornthwaite and Darrel Cross came home with times of 19.08, 19.44 and 20.41, respectively. Fastest ladies home were Molly Irvine in 21.48, Karen Graham in 22.23 and Jenny Northe in 23.18.

Next week’s 6km run is on Independent Way at 5.50 pm. There will also be a shorter run, so if you are just starting out come and have a go at the course. Traralgon Harriers welcomes runners of all abilities, for details about club activities see our website


Nick Finch 19:08, Ian Cornthwaite 19:44, Darrel Cross 20:41, Pete Sanders 21:15, Jack Murray 21:38, Molly Irvine 21:48, Steve McLeod 21:54, Mark Van Der Meulen 21:59, Karen Graham 22:23, Tony Arrowsmith 23:08, Jenny Northe 23:18, Edi Murat 23:39, Kayla Gallert 23:57,Andrew Legge 24:24, Chris Vallak 24:38, Angelina Diamente 24:50, Phill Mayer 25:17, Tania Whitehead 26:24, Georgia Callaway 27:09, Kaye Livingstone 27:18, Owen Notting 27:22, Michelle Sawyer 28:18, Kaita Matsumoto 28:19, Bob Duljas 30:41, Peter Grixti 30:56, Becky Mathews 31:46, Ian Heafield 31:53, Allison Triggs 32:18, Jessica Ruff 33:00, Michelle Colwell 33:01, Mandy Ellis 33:07, Lynda Jones 33:13, Anne Johnson 34:20, Ann Bomers 35:01, Belinda Ruff 35:39, Anne Davidson 37:53, Paul Odgers 38:08, Helen Reeve 39:21