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Thursday Nights Photos

2015 Winter Season Presentation Night

DSCN5580 Karen web

Women’s Winter Championship winner – Karen Graham
DSCN5577 Jason Web

Men’s Winter Championship winner – Jason Irvine

DSCN5574 web DSCN5575 web DSCN5602 Medal Winners web

All the happy medal winners!

A few photos from Thursday nights

Pictured below we have Nicholas, Ameli, Edi and Georgia giving us the thumbs up at the start of the Crinigan Road Reserve run (P1). Followed by Jenny leading Biasi along the picturesque trail (P2). And finally smiles from Hilary and Jenny as they head off for the 6km race (P3).

DSCN5606 News

DSCN5607 news

DSCN5620 web









Top left:  A warm welcome to Angie Lawrence (first time runner) and Terry Spector recently joined the club at Chook hill.  The remaining photos are from the Water Tower P2 Todd in great form.  P3 Tania Loving life, her running and everything.  p4 What is Mick up to?  Some dirty tricks, well it’s hard to tell in P5, but off camera he was sharing the love with his old mate Pedro Grixti, Rick seemed to miss out but he might be lucky next time.  P6 Katie and Helen, P7 Edi and Sue are enjoying the run, P8 Col shows Daniel and Jason the way home.  P9 is first time runner Georgie Jenkins, all the way from Bendigo, who enjoyed the experience and fitted in as though she had been here for some time.

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